D'Amours step PEACe.LOVe.Educate.

In many places around the globe, millions of children and their families struggle to survive due to the lack of basic medical care and educational support in their communities. In many cases they are left alone, without a vision, voice, or the resources to promote healthy change. In an effort to support those in need, we have united a team of dynamic thinkers and driven humanitarians by creating the non-profit organization D’amours Step.

Our Mission Statement:

D'amours Step exists to empower communities, villages, and individuals worldwide by engineering sustainable solutions for medical care and educational growth.

D’amours Step is a 100% volunteer based organization driven by problem solvers in the medical, engineering and business related fields, all of whom give their own time and money to create positive change around the world. As an united family, we exist to shape a future built “for the people”, one in which all children and families have access to proper medical care and education to live healthy lives. We accomplish this by creating, designing, and implementing sustainable solutions.

It is our sincere hope that you will support us on this wonderful journey to build relationships, design for the future, and share our love around the globe.

Peace and Love :) from everyone here at D'amours Step.

D'amours Step is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization by the IRS.

D'amours Step TAX ID = 80-0701941

Current Projects:

East Providence, RI, USA - Pierce Memorial Field - Physical Education Developments 

Kankobe Village, Mpigi District, Uganda
- Building/Running Medical Facility- HEALTH

 East Providence, RI, - Hull Street Basketball Court Restoration Project - Bettering Communities for Youth
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