D'Amours step PEACe.LOVe.Educate.


A Monster Success!!

BEFORE: Losing Hope?

Preliminary Court Design:

AFTER: Uniting our ENERGY as one TEAM!

A Revitalized Sense of Townie Pride

On Schedule and an unbelievable final product! D'amours Step's goal was to unite a city in need, empower the students of East Providence, and to prove how a strong grassroots effort could bring excitement, pride, and a city together.

A sincere thank you to our many supporters!

Project Date: Summer 2013

Family and Friends of East Providence,

Thousands of students and Townie fans from around the state pass through the East Providence High School Gymnasium every year. Built in the 1950’s, the EP Gymnasium was constructed to provide a top notch health education facility for the students as well as provide the finest athletic programs in the state a resource for strengthening athleticism, team building, and leadership development. For many years, the community has enjoyed thousands of memorable events held inside the East Providence Gymnasium.

Due to a struggling economy, lack of funds, and low morale in the city, what was once considered the top health education facility in the state is now viewed as a symbol of our trying times. D’amours Step, working closely with city leadership and local teachers, has constructed a few excellent fundraising projects that will engage, teach, and empower thousands of students in our city who desperately need a morale boost and a vehicle to contribute to their community. We are confident that the magnitude and excitement surrounding this project will easily generate donations namely from alumni and students that will drive this project to completion. What we are sincerely asking is a little support from you and your company to make this project the biggest uplift the community has seen in years. It is also a perfect opportunity to teach our students and individuals in the community a priceless lesson; when tough times arise, you must step up and BE the CHANGE you want to see.

Please join D'amours Step for the EAST PROVIDENCE GYMNASIUM RESTORATION PROJECT, and help unite our community and empower our most precious resource, OUR STUDENTS!!

D'amours Step is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization approved by the IRS.

D'amours Step TAX ID = 80-0701941

EVERY DOLLAR donated to this amazing effort goes directly to building a beautiful health education facility to empower the students of East Providence. Every member for D'amours Step including engineers, medical professionals, and businessmen and women work voluntarily to assure YOU that every dollar you donate makes the greatest impact possible!! 

to this amazing effort CLICK ON THE PAYPAL BUTTON BELOW :) Thanks TOWNIES for your support!!

Here are the Rockstar Community Fundraising Events that made this project come to life!

NOW Lets' ROCK this project and UNITE this amazing CITY!!

And to REALLLLY ROCK this city...please join us for our 1st of Summer Bash @ the Whiskey Republic!! Come Celebrate our great teachers in Rhode Island and their hard work and dedication during the 2012-2013 school year!! This party will have everything and is nothing you or your friends would want to miss!! Celebrate for an unbelievable cause and be a part on a one-of-its-kind development project to empower RI youth!

Also, you can join us for a bowling tournament on June 2nd to support the EP Gymnasium Project. And to top that off, if you go to the EP bowling academy during the month of May from 3pm-6pm and mention the "Townie Project". All funds from your cost of bowling will go right to rebuilding a great city!!

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